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1:1 Projects Roma (clic for website)
1 to 1 is a network of curators, critics, musicians and art historians based in Rome and London.
In Rome there is an office space, for meetings, workshops and lectures, with the role of showing strategies and processes rather than finished work, therefore 1:1 is not an exhibition space. A part of the project is to constitute an archive with portfolios, documentation of several artists.
Maria Alicata, Daniele Balit, Cecilia Canziani, Chiara Compostella, Richard Crow, Benedetta di Loretto, Adrienne Drake, Alberto Duman, Lucia Farinati, Andrea Fontemaggi, Louise Garrett, Athéna Panni, Jude Rosen and Francesco ventrella


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First things first, hat brought us to Roma and 1:1? That we are one of the affinity groups for the European Feminist Forum 2008. So the beginning was to clarify what EFF (European Feminist Forum) is. A network of organizations busy with issues related to feminism, women rights, social rights, women emancipation, female poverty, education etc; got together to think of the feminist agenda for the future. Thus the EFF was created, and as part of its strategy the call for other small organizations, and groups to get together in affinity groups. And this is how we get to be “Switch Metaphors” affinity group for feminist art.

EFF site

trans / gender magazine

Nina Höchtl presented the Trans / gender platform – and the transgender magazine was distributed among the participants. The magazine is now online and on its 3rd issue and communicates on culture production around queer and trans / gender.

Grossi maglione, Vera and Francesca, showed their magic duo… representing Betty page and her burlesque representations, reflecting what means to be a woman in the art field.


Carla Cruz presented All My Independent Women Project, a blog about art and gender, and an ongoing /on tour/ exhibition collection of feminist art. Presented for the first time in Guimarães, Portugal in 2005 and having as the next and 4th edition at Trofa, Portugal.

The show and blog comes from the need of giving visibility to women’s and men’s art on gender. Which is invisible in Portugal, is seldom shown on institutions and part of art collections.

stefanie's Seibold t-shirts here the website

An Italian artist, Ivana Spinelli, presented her project global pinup. Such as Vera and Francesca, her art is not based or directly referring to feminism, for the negative connotation the word still has in Italy and for a lack of knowledge about feminism, even though when we take a good look on their works they focus on feminist issues, raise questions, question the establishment and the patriarchal systems. Ivana explores the link between economics and desire, especially in connection to the larger consumer group, women. Searching to explode the system and find alternative ways of production.

Ivana Spinelli - Global PinUp

my note book

kristen (USA/it)

Dissertare … disertare, departing from the question whether young women artists in Italy have the need to brand themselves as feminists… writing a sort of manifest, or questioning text, that was later delivered to several curators, by e-mail, to comment and think about. During the processes they interviewed this people and the idea of organizing an exhibition, where each of the curators would select an artist came to form. So 22 micro projects came to being. The result was a women only show (well 60 women and a male participant, but we were working together with other women) the exhibition raised a big fuss in Rome...

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"'cos girls just wanna have fun" - fun should be always a core element within feminist practice

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